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Dr. Jesus Jaile-Marti ‘79

Dr. Jesus Jaile-Marti is an accomplished doctor who has helped hundreds of infants in need throughout his career as a neonatologist. However, his journey to the top of his profession didn’t start in medical school; his journey began at Cardinal Hayes.

A young Jaile-Marti enrolled at Hayes during a time when he was uncertain about his future. Prior to attending Hayes, he was enrolled at P.S. 187 in Washington Heights. His mother who worked as a nurse, was adamant about providing Jaile-Marti with a strong academic foundation. With a determined mother, and a caring support structure at Hayes, Jaile-Marti thrived and became a model student. When he took the 36 Bus every morning, he was ready and eager to start a new day at Hayes.

He was addressed as Mr. Jaile-Marti and was greeted with words of comfort during opening prayer. The new environment provided much-needed structure in his life. He believes that Hayes helped him harness and tap into his full potential. He became involved in several clubs and found math to be his favorite subject. Jaile-Marti especially enjoyed Father Principe‘s anthropology class. The academic and social framework that Hayes created for him has remained with him throughout his entire life.

As he puts it, “My whole life was changed by having the opportunity to walk through this beautiful place.” Currently, Dr. Jaile-Marti is Chief of Neonatology at White Plains Hospital and Chief of Neonatal Intensive Care at Nyack Hospital. He also sits on multiple editorial boards, lending his expertise and impacting many young lives.